We’re committed to providing the highest quality of care and advanced treatment for cancer patients in the Memphis region. And because every patient is unique, we collaborate with you to create an individual care plan. For more information, please contact us today.
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The fight against cancer is here at home. See these remarkable stories and those of others who are fighting cancer, or share a story of your own, at MemphisFightOn.com.

Savanah Stewart

Savanah Stewart:

Loving daughter. Dental student.

Cancer will pick a fight with anyone, including students like Savanah, who got picked on by cancer about the same time she was picking a dental school. Family and friends are important to Savanah, so she chose West Cancer Center to help her fight back.

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Mark Wagner

Mark Wagner:

Father of three. Crime fighter.

Family is everything to Mark. Just a few years ago, he and his wife discovered they were having their third child—right about the time Mark was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Mark was not about to spend any time away from his wife and children. He chose West Cancer Center so he could stay closer to home.

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Grumeul Fitz

Grumeul Fitz:

Newlywed. Proud mother.

Just married, Grumeul and Johnny shared a dream of growing old together with her two children. But shortly after taking their vows, a diagnosis of breast cancer threatened their new life together. Grumeul and Johnny decided to fight her disease together, choosing West Cancer Center as their partner.

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About the Partnership

In 2012, Methodist Healthcare, The West Clinic and The University of Tennessee Health Science Center joined forces to create West Cancer Center. This innovative partnership brings together pioneering leaders in research to enhance the study and treatment of cancer in the Mid-South.

We are both scientists and care providers. Our experts come from a variety of medical and scientific disciplines and work together on an integrated experience for patients—from screening and diagnosis to treatment and survival.

Through the partnership, we’ve:

  • Created patient navigators who assist patients throughout their cancer care
  • Become an early adopter in “whole-person care” for cancer patients
  • Expanded clinical trials to give our patients the newest treatments and advanced care options
  • Added genetic testing to support customized treatments
  • Recruited new cancer experts to Memphis
  • Expanded our research program under the leadership of a nationally renowned cancer researcher
  • Secured the next generation of cancer care through oncology fellowships with UTHSC
a partnership between:
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Rendering of West Cancer Center

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